Life Skills for Kids

When it comes to Life skills, we usually think of college students who are about to appear for their first job interview or young professionals who want to climb up the corporate ladder. We forget that our younger kids also require developing these skills as they also need to learn to communicate.

Life skills are the SOCIAL and EMOTIONAL skills that enable us to communicate successfully and develop healthy relationships with people around us. Researchers have found out that children need these skills to not only achieve success in their school life but also to develop future learning skills and become happy and compassionate adults.

Children who lack life skills cannot control their emotions like anger and frustration. They are unable to express themselves and feel alienated. They may also find it difficult to manage their tasks and complete them in time. Problems in effective communication and working together in a team may also appear. Children learn things more quickly when they are taught informally. FUN+LEARN is the keyword to teach them anything you want them to retain permanently.

TRIPLE PLAY- Shaping Mind, Body and Habits aims to make learning Life skills fun for children. The curriculum involves games, stories and other fun activities to develop Life skills in kids.

Modules offered:

  1. Good Manners
  2. Etiquettes
  3. Hygiene & Grooming
  4. The art of saying ‘NO’
  5. Public Speaking
  6. Anger Management
  7. Leadership Skills
  8. Time Management
  9. Never give up!
  10. Goal Setting
  11. Money Consciousness
  12. Team Building