Corporate Solutions

What message is your employee’s appearance is communicating to others? How is that message impacting your business and personal relationships?

Companies should invest in their employees’ image and understand it’s crucial to their reputation to implement professional image training. We offer group, one – to – One Consultations, training, workshops for everyone.

We assist all employees with executive potential, ranging from top executives to young high potentials – basically the entire workforce. Because, beyond website and marketing actions, at some point the public will meet your company’s representatives in person and after all they are the FACE of your Company. Their Image matters the most! Their first impression is instantaneous and irreplaceable. Your representatives’ credible, approachable, and professional presence is key.

We help you uncover your strengths and weaknesses in the areas of appearance, behavior, communication and your digital footprint. The conclusions from this assessment will result in hand-picked and personalized recommendations.

We provide corporate solutions in Image Management in the following formats:

Training of employees: Employees are the basic bearers of the company image and it is essential for them to be well aware of the science and art of managing their image/appearance. We offer training workshops/group coaching based on a training need analysis (TNA). Complete knowledge and guidelines are provided to create a great visual impression. A special emphasis is laid on corporate etiquette which includes dining, travel, email, phone calls and meetings. Based on specific requirements, International etiquette can also be included in the workshop.

One on one Coaching solutions: Under this format we offer tailor made solutions for every individual. These packages are customized to suit the needs of an entity based on their prerequisites.

From a CEO to an entry level executive, every individual wants to appear credible and appropriate for the roles they play and the goals they would like to achieve. This is a personalized service which involves coaching and high level of participation with essential demonstration.

We are sensitive about client’s preference; therefore we maintain utmost confidentiality about our clients and their consulting packages.

Module offered:

  1. Anger management
  2. Assertiveness & Self-Confidence
  3. Business Etiquette’s
  4. Communication Strategies
  5. Employee Motivation
  6. Goal Setting and Getting things done
  7. Interpersonal Skills
  8. Negotiation Skills
  9. Interpersonal Skills
  10. Personal Branding
  11. Presentation Skills
  12. Team work & Team Building etc.

Convince your Boss

We know how hard it is to get approvals from the boss to book trainings and workshops. So we have made it easier for you. Download this pitch letter to convince your boss.