About Us

“THE IMPRESSIONIST” was founded in 2014 with a dream of having a company where everyone will be growing into successfully packaged Individuals.

I am a certified Image Consultant and NABET certified Soft skills trainer. I always had a passion for clothes and was fascinated by the way people dress at various occasions and situations. I love to work with people and help them see themselves as more confident human beings.

At “The Impressionist” my passion has turned into my Profession. At “The Impressionist”, we enhance one’s strengths and transform the limitations by working on the Dressing, Grooming, Body Language and Verbal & Vocal Communication to have a lasting First Impression which helps them build both strong professional and personal relationships.

We guide individuals and companies to redefine and transform their image so that it is authentic & dynamic, in accordance with their lifestyle, their professional & personal goals and help them achieve SUCCESS.

We also have, ‘TRIPLE PLAY – Shaping Mind, Body & Habits’, a Life Skills module for kids for their early age foundational development & Success. We coach University students, Budding professionals, Fresher’s and Intern’s with ‘College to Campus’ module, which helps them have a smooth transition from College to their Workplace. We guide them on how to create the right image, build a solid & credible persona which in turn can help them make the most of the opportunities available to them now and in future.