Mixing Prints

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Mixing prints could be confusing and stressful. Few guideliness to be followed and you will have amazing results.So take the challange – ┬ádive in with full on with mix patterned outfit.

1. Choose two prints of your choice or which you want to mix. Three would be over killing.

2.Create one print a netural base for your look.

3. Pick one large and one small print.

4. Dnt match the prints.Match colors, not the prints to avoid too matchy – matchy.

5. Match print color – picking hue from the same color family will help blend your prints.

6. Distribute evenly – wear one print on top and one print in the bottom.

7. Break up the look with solid pieces.

8. The simpler the print, the easier to mix.

9. Create one print dominate and the other a complement.

10. Be confident with your creative look

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