What to wear in rains!

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There are very few things worse than getting caught in the rain without notice. Hopping around in soggy socks, muddy shoes and drenched clothes can put a damper on what should be a bright day.

Rain can be an aspiring fashion lover’s worst nightmare. Dull, shapeless outerwear, frizzy hair, and runny make-up may ruin your entire style. You can avoid becoming a rainy day disaster, by following these simple do and don’ts

Quick Dos and Don’ts !
 Keep it sturdy in dark and bright colored shoes
Go crazy on rain boots or basically anything rubber! There are so many cute rain boots, flip flops and bellies out there today to fit any sense of style – they literally come in every color under the sun. Have fun and find a pair you love!

 Stay dry in longer jackets
While the umbrella can fend some of the rain away, it can’t cover the entire body, so try a jacket for full protection. The trench coat is Such a classic & essential piece that’s perfect for all occasions and especially rainy days. But since classic trench coats are not that readily available here, a trendy mid-thigh jacket will shield the body just fine. And don’t forget to add color through it!
 Carry the right accessories
If well selected; accessories can be a lifesaver on a wet day. Trade in soft leather handbags for an all-weather nylon-based satchel, invest in a strong umbrella and tone-down the number of metal jewelry to prevent them from rusting quickly.
 Umbrellas – The trendy add onn!
A cute umbrella can be an accessory. There are so many adorable and cheap umbrellas available at stores all around, so there’s really no excuse to stick to basic black. Buy a couple in your favorite colors if you live in a really rainy area and use them to add color to your look.


 Rain Friendly Materials (Don’t complain that we didn’t warn you!)
Suede is off-limits in rain and so is leather that hasn’t been treated with a protectant because water usually ruins it. Don’t risk ruining your expensive leather – go with rubber, pleather, or protectant-treated leather shoes in rain for the polish look and leave your favorite suede handbag at home.


 What to wear!

  • Long-sleeved outfits and lightweight sweaters in quick-to-dry materials should also be a frequent choice, especially when living in a city like ours, where the cloud turns dark at the snap of a finger. Also full length outfits are a complete no-no – you don’t want to be walking into your workplace with slush on your hemline. So stay away from wearing full length dresses this season instead go for knee length skirts or cropped palazzos and ankle length bottoms.
  • Avoid denims :-While denims are versatile and look great all year round, the problem with them is that once they get wet, they take ages to dry. The secret behind great rainy season clothes is to wear clothes that dry out quickly. Replace denims with jeggings (denim material pants with elastic; mostly high waist) and treggings (trouser material with jeggings look) and enjoy the look with quick drying materials!
  • Go for bright cheerful prints :– It is the season when the sun makes an occasional visit and the environment is damp and dreary. So perk up your surroundings with clothes in vibrant colors and gorgeous prints.
  • Avoid heavily embellished outfits :– Go for light and fluidic fabrics instead of heavy embroideries. In fact, this is one season where we would suggest going in for synthetic materials as well since they are easy to maintain – simply wash and wear!

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