Stepping up the Sock Game

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Style is based on understanding the rules and then breaking or bending them slightly. But nonetheless, there are still guidelines we should adhere to –

1. If In Doubt, Go Tonal

This is the most foolproof method you can use: choose a pair of socks that are either a shade darker or lighter than the trousers you’re wearing.

For example, if you’re wearing a mid-grey suit (and if you aren’t, why not?), think about wearing a pair of charcoal socks.

2. Tonal Textures & Patterns

Stick to the rule one but this time introduce some texture or a subtle pattern to your sock choice.

Just remember that textured styles can add weight to a look, so if you do start using thicker socks remember to team them with pieces made from similarly heavy/rugged materials such as denim, leather, tweed, wool and corduroy.

3. Make A Statement

When venturing into the world of statement socks it’s imperative you bear in mind the color wheel.

As an easy introduction, try picking some socks in a pattern with a base tone that picks out/matches the color of trousers you’re wearing.

You could go one step further by opting for more vibrant block-color socks in a complementary or contrasting color to that of your leg wear. Think pink socks with navy denim or a preppy yellow sock with burgundy chinos.

4. Be Bold

Finally, if you do want to integrate some bright and bold socks into your outfit, always reference the color wheel to make sure that you’re working within it correctly.

Regardless of how cool you think it may make you look, if your choice of sock is not complementary or contrasting correctly then it will clash and look like an eyesore.

Of course, the easiest way to introduce a bold colored or patterned sock into any look is to give it a neutral base to play off – white trousers, black jeans and dark grey chinos will anchor nearly any type of design you can think of.

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